§ 70.06 GOLF CARTS.
   (A)   For purposes of this section, GOLF CARTS, which also may be referred to and are intended to include golf cars, are defined as a self propelled vehicle originally designed for or similar to a vehicle originally designed for driving on a golf course and which vehicle is intended to be driven for limited distances at relatively slow speeds and which have factory equipped steering wheels and factory equipped mufflers.
   (B)   Only persons with a valid operator's license issued by the State of Indiana or by the state of residence of the operator of the golf cart may operate a golf cart upon the streets and alleys in the town.
   (C)   (1)   All golf carts to be operated on the public streets and alleys shall be registered with the town and the owner thereof shall pay an annual registration fee. The annual registration is for a period of time from January l to December 31 of the same year, at which time the annual registration shall expire. The registration forms are available in the office of the Clerk-Treasurer and the registration fee shall be paid to the town through the office of the Clerk-Treasurer. At the time of registration, the owner shall present proof of insurance insuring not only the golf cart from property damage but also carrying property damage and personal liability coverage for injury or damage to property of others and of personal injury to other persons with a minimum combined single limit of $100,000. Prior to the issuance of a new registration by the Clerk-Treasurer, the golf cart shall be inspected by the Town Marshal (or his or her designee) to insure compliance with the provisions of this section. A certificate of compliance shall be issued for a golf cart deemed to be in compliance under this section. Renewal registrations are exempt from the inspection provision in this section. All provisions of this section apply to owner operated golf carts as well as those leased or rented from a vendor.
      (2)   The registration fee shall be as follows:
         (a)   $25 for annual registration.
         (b)   $5 for a daily registration.
         (c)   $10 for an event registration. An event, and the duration of the event shall be determined by the office of the Clerk-Treasurer.
      (3)   The town shall issue a sticker/placard for each golf cart properly registered which must be affixed to the driver's side windshield or on the hood immediately below the driver's side windshield.
      (4)   A golf cart lawfully registered by another municipality will be deemed registered in the town, provided, however, that the other municipality has an ordinance requiring the same equipment and requiring liability insurance identical to the town. A golf cart in compliance with this section shall be issued a sticker or placard without a fee.
   (D)   All golf carts being operated pursuant to the terms of this section shall obey all of the rules of the road and traffic regulations of the state and the town and shall also display an orange flag or pennant attached to a pole so that the flag or pennant is at least seven feet above the surface of the street.
   (E)   All golf carts shall comply with the provisions of I.C. 9-21-9 (Slow Moving Vehicles) in effect at the time of the adoption of this section and as amended from time to time. All golf carts being operated after dusk shall be equipped with head lights, tail lights and turn signals.
   (F)   No golf cart shall be operated in inclement weather, such as fog, ice, snow, rain or other weather conditions, when such weather conditions make it unsafe for the driver, passengers or other vehicles or pedestrians.
   (G)   No golf carts shall be operated upon any sidewalk within the town.
   (H)   Golf carts shall be equipped with rear view mirrors and factory seating and occupancy shall not exceed that to be accommodated by factory seating. No person under the age of two years shall be allowed to ride on a golf cart and all persons under the age of ten years must ride in the front seat. The driver and all passengers in the golf cart must be seated while the cart is in motion.
   (I)   The Town Council may exempt from the provisions of this section the use of golf carts by public safety personnel.
(Ord. 2018-2, passed 3-5-18) Penalty, see § 70.99