(A)   Service shall be disconnected by the town when the customer has become two consecutive billing months delinquent and shall not be restored until the customer has paid his or her bill, all service fees and deposit if required in accordance with the section.
   (B)   Once a customer has been on the disconnect list twice in a rolling 12-month period a notice will be sent to the customer notifying the customer that if they are on the disconnect list a third time, within the rolling 12-month period, the following requirement will be imposed:
      (1)   Customer will be required to bring account current.
      (2)   Customer will be required to pay, in full, on time, every month for a consecutive 12-month period.
      (3)   If the requirement of division (2) above is not met, trash service will be disconnected without notice and service will not be restored until the account is brought current and all service fees have been paid. Also, the 12-month period starts over.
   (C)   A notice will be mailed at the beginning of the month notifying a customer of their status on the disconnect list. This notice will outline the amount required to be paid and by when. Payment is due before disconnection, which is the 24th day of the month or the Monday following, (in case the 24th is on a Friday through Sunday). On the 23rd day of the month, or the Friday before, (in the event the 23rd falls on a Saturday or Sunday) the Street Department will post a notice on the doors of all customers who have failed to pay their outstanding bill. Anyone who receives this notice will be charged a $5 notice fee. The notice will require the customer to pay or contact the Clerk’s office with payment arrangements (signed acknowledgment by a owner if the customer requesting payment arrangements is a renter or contract purchaser) prior to 8:00 a.m. on disconnect day. For a customer who has not followed these instructions and is on the shut-off list a $30 non-compliant fee shall be charged and services will be discontinued/disconnected. Service(s) will not resume until the account is brought current and all fees/deposits have been paid.
(Ord. 2013-4, passed 4-1-13)