The following procedure is established for condemnation of structures:
   (A)   The building official shall issue an order requiring the removal of the structure within a time period stated within the order, determined upon the degree of danger to public safety. The order shall be sent to the owner of record by certified mail (return receipt requested). A copy of the order shall be recorded on the land records of the town. If the order is undeliverable for any reason a duplicate copy of the order shall be served upon the owner of record in the manner provided for service of process.
   (B)   The order shall inform the owner of his responsibility to notify the building official of rejection or acceptance of the order. If the owner fails to inform the building official of his intention within ten days after issuance of the order, or fails to comply with the order within that time, the building official shall forward notification of the condemnation to all persons having a financial interest of record in the subject property.
   (C)   If the building official has not received notification of intent to comply within 15 days of the sending of the notice, he shall forward his request for demolition to the mayor for processing under applicable provisions of the Charter and other ordinances of the town relating to appropriation and expenditure of funds. Not less than 3 bids for demolition shall be obtained from contractors authorized to conduct demolition work within the town.
   (D)   Expenditures necessary in connection with demolition of any structure within the town shall become a lien on the land involved, shall be recorded on the land records of the town and may be collected in the manner provided by statute for the collection of taxes.
(Ord. 105, passed 12-4-72; Am. Ord. 252, passed 5-5-86)