(A)   Any individual, firm, or corporation desiring to construct, enlarge, alter, or repair a building, excavate or erect a foundation or change the occupancy of any dwelling, the construction of which is regulated by the basic building code, shall first obtain a builder's license to engage in the business. The license shall remain in force from the date of issuance until the following first Monday in January, unless revoked sooner. The license may be suspended or revoked by the building official for failure to comply with the state basic building code.
   (B)   Upon revocation of a license for just cause, the builder is prohibited from engaging as a builder or contractor in the town until a hearing has been held by the building department board of appeals, whose members will act as a hearing board. Upon suspension of the license, the suspension shall remain in effect until the violation is corrected. Upon revocation, the permit holder may appeal such revocation to the building department board of appeals, as provided by § 128.6 of the state basic building code.
   (C)   Division (A) does not apply to a home owner or individual adding, repairing, or renovating his own home or dwelling, who has applied for and obtained the required building permit.
   (D)   There shall be a license fee for a builder's license, of $10 per annum, payable upon issuance of the license.
(Ord. 105, passed 12-4-72; Am. Ord. 252, passed 5-5-86)