(A)   In the case of a revocation of a permit, abandonment or discontinuation of a building project, the volume of work actually completed shall be computed by the Building Official, and any excess fee for work not completed shall be returned to the permit holder.
   (B)   All penalties that may have been imposed on the permit holder under the requirements of the basic code shall first be collected. If in the opinion of the Building Official because of the change of scope of work covered under an existing permit a revised cost or declaration is necessary, the Building Official shall require an additional charge be paid by the contractor or owner and applied to the original permit.
   (C)   A $25 fee shall be required for each trade inspector called for a re-inspection for any reason. All requests for re-inspections shall be made, in writing, accompanied by the fine, within ten days from receipt of written notification of such fine. When requested by the enforcing officer, the contractor or the shall make arrangements to be present at the job at a specified time.
   (D)   The fee for any permit issued by the Building Department shall be either doubled or subject to a fine of $100 (whichever is more) for any work started without proper permits issued by the Building Department.
(Ord. 105, passed 12-4-72; Am. Ord. 139, passed 3-1-76; Am. Ord. 252, passed 5-5-86; Am. Ord. 621, passed 8-6-12)