(A)   The Police Chief shall notify the alarm user by mail of any false alarm fine or suspension of registration. Within 15 days of mailing the notice, the alarm user may file a written appeal of the charge with the Police Chief. The notice of appeal shall contain information to show that the alarm giving rise to the fine or suspension of registration was not a false alarm within the meaning of this chapter. The notice of appeal shall also contain a return address to which the Police Chief shall send notice of his/her decision.
   (B)   The Police Chief shall consider the information filed by the alarm user, reaffirm or rescind the false alarm charge and, within 15 days of receipt of the appeal, notify the subscriber of the decision by mail.
   (C)   The Police Chief may designate one or more subordinates to perform the duties under divisions (A) and (B) above.
   (D)   Any alarm user may appeal the decision of the Police Chief in accordance with § 100.08.
(Ord. 470, passed 6-3-02; Am. Ord. 584, passed 5-3-10)