(A)   No highway or road which has been designated as a scenic road under this chapter shall be altered or improved, including but not limited to, widening of the right-of-way or of the traveled portion of the highway, paving, changes of grade, straightening, removal of stone walls and removal of mature trees, except for good cause as determined by the Legislative Council. The Council shall state the reasons for such future alterations and improvements in its minutes.
   (B)   Any highway or portion of any highway designated as a scenic road shall be maintained by the town, in good and sufficient repair and in passable condition. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to prohibit a person owning or occupying land abutting a scenic road from maintaining and repairing the land which abuts the scenic road if such maintenance or repair occurs on land not within the right-of-way, paved or unpaved, of the scenic road.
(Ord. 251, passed 4-7-86) Penalty, see § 98.99