(A)   The Town Center Park Commission shall consist of five members recommended by the Mayor, subject to approval of the Legislative Council, who shall reside in the town. Commission members shall serve without compensation. Membership shall include:
      (1)   Not more than three members from one political party.
      (2)   Two members who are appointed for three-year terms.
      (3)   Two members who are appointed for two-year terms.
      (4)   One member who is appointed for a one-year term.
      (5)   Thereafter all members shall be appointed for three-year terms.
   (B)   The five appointed members shall serve three-year terms; however, in the event of a vacancy in the Commission's membership, a successor shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the Legislative Council, to serve the unexpired term of the vacating member. Any member may be removed from the Commission by the Mayor for good cause, which shall include failure to attend, without reasonable excuse, three meetings in a calendar year.
   (C)   The Commission shall advise and formulate recommendations to the Mayor, and Director of Parks and Recreation, the Arts Commission Coordinator and the Legislative Council.
(Ord. 581, passed 9-8-09)