The Farmington Canal Commission shall perform all duties necessary to effectuate the procurement, completion, and oversight of the Farmington Canal project, including the following:
   (A)   Recommend improvements in the property to accomplish its purpose as a linear park.
   (B)   To monitor compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.
   (C)   To assess the availability of federal, state, and local funds; and, monitor the procurement of such funds.
   (D)   Establish a budget for the Farmington Canal Linear Park.
   (E)   Make recommendations for the application foe and the distribution of funding to the Mayor and Council.
   (F)   To monitor the planning, construction and maintenance of the Farmington Canal Linear Park.
   (G)   To review all proposed purchases of rights-of-way along the Farmington Canal Line; and, make, recommendations to the Mayor and Legislative Council concerning any purchases.
   (H)   To report bi-monthly to the Mayor and Legislative Council concerning a comparison of the Farmington Canal Line budget and actual expenditures; progress of the planning, construction and maintenance; possible changes needed; and an assessment of the other future needs as related to the Park and its effect on ancillary town services after conferring with department heads.
   (I)   To consider any other issue concerning the Farmington Canal Line and make recommendations as such Commission deems appropriate.
(Ord. 325, passed 12-7-92; Am. Ord. 336, passed 7-6-93)