(A)   The fee for building plan review, fire protection system plan review and fire alarm system plan review and inspections for new construction, renovations, additions or modernization of buildings or structures shall be based on the estimated cost of the construction or alteration.
   (B)   Estimated cost of the construction or alteration:
      (1)   $0.00 up to and including $10,000: $55.00 fee.
      (2)   In excess of $ 10,000: $55.00 fee plus $5.00 fee per $1,000 or fraction thereof.
      (3)   Any building plans for structures 10,000 square feet or greater may be required to have an independent plan review, to be determined at the sole discretion of the Office of the Fire Marshal. The independent plan review shall be conducted by a plan reviewer hired by the applicant and subject to the approval of the Office of the Fire Marshal. The applicant shall pay all costs associated with the contracted plan reviewer's independent review. The applicant shall submit the plan reviewer's written report, along with documentation that the reviewer's costs have been paid in full, prior to the Office of the Fire Marshal's review and approval of such plan.
   (C)   Exception. Plan reviews are not required for private dwellings occupied by one or two families as set forth in Conn. Gen. Stat., § 29-292(a)(l), as may be amended.
(Ord. 682, passed 9-19-16; Am. Ord. 697, passed 2-26-18)