§ 93.13 Location and care of incinerators.
   (A)   No approved incinerator shall be located within 20 feet of any building, property line or any combustible. No incinerator may be located on street pavement or within the curb area.
   (B)   All incinerators must be emptied periodically to prevent choking and poor combustion,
   (C)   Whenever an incinerator is so located or in such condition as to cause it to be a menace to life, health or property, in the opinion of the fire marshal, the fire marshal shall serve written notice upon the owner or user of such incinerator to relocate, clean or replace the incinerator within 5 days of the date of the notice, Failure on the part of the owner or user to comply with the notice shall be grounds upon which the fire marshal may order the discontinuance of the use of the incinerator.
('66 Code, § 43-4) Penalty. see § 93.99 (B)