§ 93.12 Incinerators.
   (A)   An "approved incinerator" shall mean any metal drum of adequate capacity, any masonry incinerator or any steel or cast iron receptacle with solid or perforated sides, front and backs, used to burn papers, rubbish and combustibles, with sufficient perforations to provide adequate ventilation to insure proper combustion.
   (B)   Every approved incinerator must be equipped with a spark arrester or cover which shall be sufficient to prevent the escape of sparks and embers. Spark arresters may be of perforated sheet metal or wire mesh (screen), but the openings shall not exceed 1/4 inch square. The spark arrester must cover the entire opening of the incinerator.
   (C)   Draft doors or openings designed to create a draft or stimulate combustion must be protected with a 1/4 square inch wire mesh screen.
   (D)   Incinerators for the use of occupants of apartment houses, multiple-family dwellings, commercial and industrial establishments must be approved by the fire marshal.
('66 Code, § 43-3) Penalty, see § 93.99 (B)