(A)   Any Hamden Police Officer by direction of the Chief of Police is authorized to remove and tow away, or have removed and towed away by commercial towing service, any car or other vehicle parked in violation of this chapter to a towing garage. Such removal shall be at the risk and expense of the owner.
   (B)   Vehicles towed for any violation of this chapter, shall be stored in a safe place and shall be restored to the owner of such vehicle upon payment of an established storage fee.
   (C)   Whenever a Police Officer removes or causes the removal of a vehicle for a violation of this chapter, such officer shall within a reasonable time report such action to the desk sergeant on duty or other designated person who shall notify the owner of the vehicle upon the owner's inquiry of the removal and the reason thereof, and the name and location where the vehicle is impounded.
   (D)   The town, its officers, agents and employees shall not be liable for any damage done to any vehicle as a result of towing and storage effected under the terms of this section.
(Ord. 354, adopted 11-7-94)