(A)   Participation. Each employee shall become a member in the plan effective as of the first day of the month following completion of 12 months of credited service, provided he/she is an eligible employee. All eligible employees shall participate in the plan as a condition of employment with the town, and shall make any mandatory employee contributions so required for non-bargaining unit employees or by the applicable collective bargaining agreement.
   (B)   Termination of participation.
      (1)   A member's membership in the plan shall terminate under the following conditions:
         (a)   Termination of employment with the town other than by reason of the member's death, retirement or disability, provided such member was not entitled to a vested pension under the plan.
         (b)   Withdrawal of the member's accumulated contributions.
      (2)   Membership shall be continued during an approved leave of absence from service without pay or for periods when the member is not an eligible employee as herein defined, but is in the employ of the town in another capacity. However, such member shall not receive credited service for any period in excess of 90 days in which no contributions were made.
   (C)   Reinstatement of participation.
      (1)   An employee who has lost his/her status as a member in accordance with division (B) of this section shall again become a member, effective the first day of the month following his/her return to employment as an eligible employee, provided the member was previously employed for more than one year and he/she did not incur a permanent break in service.
      (2)   In the event such employee had previously received a return of his/her accumulated contributions, he/she shall be considered a new employee for all plan purposes, unless the employee returns his/her accumulated contributions in accordance with § 31.34(E).
(Ord. 435, passed 3-12-01; Am. Ord. 666, passed 12-7-15)