(A)   Military leave without pay will be granted to employees on regular duty. An employee with military status for whom a two-week active duty period each year is mandatory will be granted the difference in pay which, when added to his military pay, will equal his normal week's pay, exclusive of his vacation. If he desires to take his vacation during the two-week training period, he will receive his vacation pay in addition to an amount, which, when added to his military pay, will equal his normal week's pay. If an employee's military pay is equal to, or more than, his normal week's pay, he will receive no compensation from the town for the two-week military training period. Before applying for this benefit, an employee in the military will produce from his commanding officer a letter stating his military pay.
   (B)   Employees shall be granted three days' personal leave in the event of a death in the immediate family, and one day in the event of the death of other relatives. "IMMEDIATE FAMILY" means parent, child, sibling or spouse of the employee or the employee's spouse, or any other related person of the employee actually resident in his household.
   (C)   The mayor may grant a regular employee leave of absence without pay for study or such other reason as is deemed in the best interests of the town. If, at the expiration of the leave of absence, the employee does not file a request to return to work within 30 days, the mayor shall consider his action as a resignation effective on the first day of the leave of absence.
   (D)   Employees drawn for jury duty will be paid their regular salary less compensation received for the duty.
   (E)   No absence is authorized unless prior report is made to immediate supervisor. Compensation adjustment shall be made for unauthorized absence.
(Adopted 10-6-70)