§ 31.06  SICK LEAVE.
   (A)   Sick leave shall be accrued at the rate of 1-1/4 working days for each calendar month of service during the fiscal year, and may be accumulated, commencing with 1948, to a total of not more than 90 days. Sick leave is not a privilege which an employee may use at his discretion, but shall be allowed only for:
      (1)   Personal illness or physical incapacity resulting from causes beyond the employee's control.
      (2)   The illness of a member of the employee's household that requires the employee's personal care and attention.
      (3)   Enforced quarantine of the employee in accordance with community health regulations.
   (B)   On request, substantiation of illness by a doctor's certificate must be furnished.
   (C)   An employee eligible for workmen's compensation shall receive from the town an amount which, when added to the workmen's compensation benefits, shall equal his base salary; the benefit shall not be charged against sick leave due him. They mayor may deny the additional payment by the town upon recommendation by a department head. An employee may not receive both sick leave pay and pay to supplement his workmen's compensation when he is eligible for workmen's compensation benefits.
   (D)   Upon written application, sick leave may be granted to an employee beyond his accrued time on written approval of the mayor.
   (E)   On the first working day of every month, each department head shall file with the personnel office a record of the total number of sick days used by each employee in his department. 
(Adopted 10-6-70)