(A)   No official or employee shall request or permit the use of town-owned vehicles, equipment, materials or property for personal convenience or profit, except when the services are available to the public generally or are provided as municipal policy for the use of the official or employee in the conduct of official business.
   (B)   No official or employee shall grant any special consideration, treatment, or advantage to any citizen beyond that which is available to every other citizen.
   (C)   No official or employee, without proper legal authorization, shall disclose confidential information concerning the property, government or affairs of the town. No official or employee shall use information acquired in the course of his or her public duties to advance the financial or other private interest of himself or herself or others.
(Adopted 3-3-69; Am. Ord. 233, adopted 8-6-84; Am. Ord. 552, adopted 6-18-07; Am. Ord. 601, adopted 2-7-11)