(A)   After 15 years of service as a firefighter, and after he or she has been honorarily retired from active service as a member of the Hagerstown-Jefferson Township Fire Department, a firefighter may request status as an Associate Member of the Department.
   (B)   All requests shall, first, be reviewed by a committee of rank officers. If associate membership is granted, the following shall apply.
      (1)   The associate member will receive no formal clothing allowance and will not be required to attend meetings, though he or she may do so.
      (2)   He or she will not be required to answer alarms.
      (3)   It is hoped that he or she might respond, upon request, with his or her expertise, experience, and particular abilities, for consultation, training periods, or emergency duties.
      (4)   He or she shall be responsible for his or her own IVFA Associate dues. He or she shall receive all benefits, and may be responsible for all requirements promulgated by the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter’s Association as an associate member.