§ 36.20 NAME; PURPOSE.
   (A)   The name of this organization will be the Hagerstown-Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Department.
   (B)   The purposes of this organization are as follows:
      (1)   To respond to all fire alarms and any other assigned emergencies named by the Chief, and to extinguish, overhaul, salvage, investigate, and protect until properly relieved, all reported fires in Hagerstown and Jefferson Township, Wayne County, Indiana;
      (2)   To raise the level of the fire service for Hagerstown and Jefferson Township and present a united and concentrated front in any efforts to petition the two governments for materials and equipment, or for the institution of adequate laws for promotion of fire prevention, fire safety, the protection of life and property, and economy in performance; and
      (3)   To promote an esprit de corps among the individual firefighters of the Hagerstown-Jefferson Township Fire Department, that training may be regarded as a desire rather than a task.