(A)   There is established the Office of Building Commissioner in the town, which shall consist of the Building Commissioner, and may also consist of a Secretary and assistants.  BUILDING COMMISSIONER, as used in this chapter, includes individuals employed by the Building Department that are authorized to represent the Building Commissioner.
   (B)   The President of the Town Council is authorized to employ a Building Commissioner, Secretary, and other employees the President deems necessary, and subject to the approval of the Town Council.
   (C)   Their appointments shall continue during good behavior and service, and they shall not be removed from office except for cause.
(Ord. 16-2006, passed 11-6-2006)
   (D)   The Building Commissioner shall report to, be under the management and supervision of, and take direction from the Town Manager of the town.
(Am. Ord. 7-2007, passed 6-4-2007)