(A)   As histories for the code sections, the specific number and passage date of the original ordinance, and amending ordinances, if any, are listed following the text of the code section. Example:
(Ord. 10, passed 5-13-1960; Am. Ord. 15, passed 1-1-1970; Am. Ord. 20, passed 1-1-1980; Am. Ord. 25, passed 1-1-1985; Am. Ord. passed 1-1-1990; Am. Ord. 40, passed - -; Am. Ord. passed - -)
   (B)   (1)   If a statutory cite is included in the history, this indicates that the text of the section reads substantially the same as the statute. Example: (I.C. 36-5-2-2)
      (2)   If a statutory cite is set forth as a “statutory reference” following the text of the section, this indicates that the reader should refer to that statute for further information. Example: