§ 20-404  PERMITS.
   (A)   (1)   The City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to issue permits to any and all persons, firms, corporations, partnership, businesses or entities which rent, lease or loan vehicles to any person, which vehicles are to be operated or driven on or across public highways, streets, alleys or other public ways within the territorial limits of the city which have previously had their vehicle route or routes approved and duly adopted by the City Manager.
      (2)   No person, firm, corporation, partnership, business or entity shall lease, rent or loan, or operate or engage in the rental, lease or loan of any vehicle without having first secured a city permit for such purpose.
   (B)   The permits issued by the city shall be limited in duration to one year and shall be subject to renewal upon payment of an annual permit fee, subject to vehicle inspection and review of the business operation by the City Manager or his or her designee for compliance with this article and any other applicable regulations.  In addition, each person, firm, corporation, partnership, business or entity operating the vehicle rental, leasing or loan business shall at its sole expense keep in effect during the term of the permit the following casualty and general liability insurance in standard form policies with an insurance company or companies authorized to do business in the state:
      (1)   Casualty insurance in the amount of $25,000 for any claim or to any claimant who has more than one claim for loss of property arising out of a single act, accident or occurrence;
      (2)   Comprehensive public liability insurance in the amount of at least $100,000 to any one claimant for a claim arising out of a single act, occurrence or accident and $1,000,000 for any claims arising out of a single act, occurrence or accident.
   (C)   The aforesaid insurance shall protect the city, its officials, officers, employees and agents and the Public Works Authority, a public trust, its trustees, officers, employees and agents from all liability, loss, judgments, claims, damages, causes of action, costs and expenses arising from or related to the permittee’s vehicle lease, rental or loan business operation or the use of the vehicles.
(Ord. 2993, passed 9-6-94)