§ 20-367  CITATION TAGS.
   (A)   Police officers are hereby authorized to give notice to persons violating provisions of this chapter by delivering citation tags to violators or, in cases where vehicles without drivers are parked or stopped in violation of this chapter, by affixing the tags to the vehicles by means of which the violation occurred.  The citation tags, among other things, shall indicate briefly the charge, shall bear the registration number of the vehicle, and shall direct the violator to present the tag at the police station or other designated place within five days or another reasonable time as may be specified thereon. Nothing in this section shall abridge the power to arrest any violator had to take him or her into custody, or to file a complaint against him or her at any time.
   (B)   The City Manager may require that the police officers use citation tags furnished by the City Clerk and that the tags be serially numbered, and may regulate the use and handling of citation tags.
(`90 Code, § 20-154)