(A)   All traffic control signs, signals and devices shall conform to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, hereinafter referred to as the “Manual,” and be approved by the Traffic Engineer.  For purposes of this chapter, the term “Traffic Engineer” shall mean the person appointed by the City Manager and responsible for all traffic control devices, signs, signals and markings.
   (B)   All signs, signals and devices required hereunder for a particular purpose shall so far as practicable be uniform as to type and relative location throughout the city.  All traffic control devices erected and not inconsistent with the provisions of state law or this chapter shall be official traffic-control devices.
(`90 Code, § 20-20)  (Am. Ord. 3031, passed 12-16-97)
Statutory reference:
   Traffic-control devices, 47 O.S. §§ 11-201 et seq.