(A)   (1)   A backwater valve shall be installed on all new or replacement building sewers that connect to the public sewer system.  The property owner shall be responsible for the installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all backwater valves.
      (2)   All existing building sewer connections into the public sewer that cause frequent and uncontrolled water and sewer back-ups shall install and maintain a backwater valve conforming to the requirements of the city-approved building codes.
      (3)   The connection of the building sewer into the public sewer shall conform to the requirements of the city-approved building code and other applicable rules and regulations of the city.
   (B)   All new sanitary sewage treatment works and line works shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the State Department of Health, regulations and the city rules and regulations.
   (C)   When a public sewer becomes available, within 100 feet from the property line for apartments, trailer parks or other multi-family type users and within 200 feet from the building for any other house or building occupied or used by any person, the building sewer shall be connected to the sewer within 60 days from the time of receiving from the city a written notice to do so.
   (D)   After receiving the city's written notification referenced in division (C) of this section a private property owner who connects to the public sewer will begin receiving their monthly billing for usage. Any private property owner who does not connect to the sewer within the 60 days of receiving written notice pursuant to division (C) of this section shall be billed monthly based on their projected usage as evidenced by similarly situated buildings usage.
   (E)   Should any private owner who receives a notification from the city show that because of the level of the terrain or other natural causes their private line would not gravity flow into the public sewer line the private owner may apply to the city manager for an exemption from the connection requirement and billing provisions for failure to connect. The city manager may grant an exemption if shown by preponderance of evidence that it is impractical to connect the private line to the public sewer line based on existing terrain and inability of the private line to gravity flow to the public line.
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