(A)   All applications for permits to demolish property not currently listed as a landmark or a landmark site or located within a historic district shall be reviewed for the purpose of determining whether or not the property may have significance in accordance with the criteria found in §§ 4-216 and 4-217.
   (B)   City staff shall make such determination within 15 days after receipt of the completed application and shall notify the Commission in writing. If the property is determined to have no significance in relation to the criteria in §§ 4-216 and 4-217, a demolition permit may be issued five days after the Commission has been notified, provided such application otherwise complies with the provisions of the demolition ordinance and all city code requirements and provided there is no objection by any member of the Commission.
   (C)   If the property is determined by the city staff to have such significance, staff shall make such information available to the Commission for review and recommendation as to significance. If the Commission concurs with city staff’s determination of the property’s significance, using criteria set forth in §§ 4-216 and 4-217, the Commission shall proceed promptly with the consideration of the designation of the property in question as a landmark, landmark site or historic district as specified in said sections.
   (D)   Upon such a recommendation by the Commission and approval by City Council, issuance of any demolition permit shall be governed by the procedures set forth in this article.
(Ord. 3075, passed 3-20-01)