(A)   Each and every person, firm or corporation desiring to do business as a plumbing contractor shall be required to register in the Office of the City Clerk, shall furnish proof of compliance with state law, and shall furnish a bond to the city, to be approved by the City Clerk, conditioned that the principal will restore with the same material and in the same manner as before, all streets alleys, sidewalks, curbs and gutters in any way disturbed by the principal, and will save the city harmless from any and all damages resulting from any act or omission of the principal, and also that the principal will obey all laws and ordinances of the city relating to plumbers and plumbing work.
   (B)   (1)   Upon compliance with the foregoing requirements, and payment of the fee hereinafter specified, the applicant shall be registered by the City Clerk.  The registration shall expire at the end of the fiscal year, and may be renewed from year to year.  The initial registration fee and the annual renewal fee shall be as set out in the fee schedule at the end of this code of ordinances.
      (2)   Plumbing contractors desiring to renew their registration shall furnish the same evidence of compliance with state licensing laws, and the same bond, as required upon initial registration.
      (3)   In the case of plumbing contractors holding licenses in good standing and previously issued by the city under prior provisions of law, registration shall be deemed a renewal, and not an initial registration.
   (C)   No registration shall be renewed after the expiration of 90 days from the end of the fiscal year.  After July 15 each year, no plumbing contractor whose registration has not been renewed, unless written permission is obtained from the Plumbing Inspector and approved by the City Manager.
(`90 Code, § 4-16)