The following schedule of fees and charges shall be collected by the city's designated representative when any annexation petition, plat or rezoning request is tendered to the city for consideration. Each of these fees and charges provided for herein shall be paid in advance, and no action by either the commission or the City Council shall be valid until the fees herein provided shall have been paid.
   (A)   Annexation fees            $150
   (B)   Preliminary plat fees
      (1)   Minor subdivisions         1 to 4 lots, $100 and engineering fees.
      (2)   Major subdivisions         5 lots to 4 acres, $200 plus $20 per lot plus engineering fees. For a major subdivision, topography, drainage and road improvements must be reviewed by an engineer.
   (C)   Final plats               $250
   (D)   Re-plats               Fees to reflect platting fees
   (E)   Rezoning               $200
(Ord. 98-023, passed 8-11-98; Am. Ord. 99-028, passed 12-14-99)
Cross-reference:—§ 155.25