A service charge for copying governmental and public records shall be as follows:
   (A)   For 50 pages or less of readily available information, the copy charge shall be $.10 per page. The City Manager shall be responsible for making the determination of whether information is readily available or not.
   (B)   For any quantity of information deemed not to be readily available, the actual charge shall be $.10 for the first page, plus actual labor costs incurred by the city in providing the requested information.
   (C)   The City Manager shall establish the copying or reproduction charge for nonstandard sized pages or documents (maps, books, etc.)
   (D)   Any postal related expenses which may be necessary to transmit the reproduced documents to the requesting party shall also be added where applicable.
   (E)   For any traffic accident report, the charge shall be $6.
   (F)   For any offense report, the charge shall be $4.
(Ord. 98-023, passed 8-11-98)
Cross-reference:—§ 39.09