§ 112.22  REVOCATION.
   Any permit issued under the provisions of this chapter may be revoked for the violation by the permittee any provision of this chapter, state law or ordinance that directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of the permittee or licensed occupation authorized in the permit. Upon such revocation, such permit shall immediately be surrendered to the Chief of Police, and failure to do so shall be deemed a misdemeanor. Any person aggrieved by the revocation may appeal the Chief of Police’s revocation within five days of surrender of the permit by written appeal tendered to the City Secretary. A timely filed appeal shall suspend the revocation pending administrative reconsideration by the City Manager. The City Manager may uphold, revise or overturn the Chief of Police’s revocation. If the City Manager upholds the revocation, the revocation shall be effective immediately upon revocation. A previous revocation may constitute grounds for not authorizing subsequent permit applications from the same individual.
(Ord. 04-007, passed 5-11-04; Am. Ord. O-2005-007, passed 10-25-05)