This section prohibits the following activities on business and public properties:
   (A)   Fruit and vegetable stands, vendors, and the like;
   (B)   The sale and/or giving of live animals, other than adoption events held by a Humane Society contracted to the city for said purpose;
   (C)   The sale and/or giving of botanicals;
   (D)   The sale and/or giving of seafood and/or shellfish.
   (E)   Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as prohibiting the city from sponsoring a farmers market on property selected by the city. The activities in (A) and (C) above will be allowed during a city-sponsored farmers market by vendors who apply for and receive a “farmers market permit” from the City Municipal Health District for a specific farmers market date(s). Farmers market permits are valid only for the applicant named on the farmers market permit application and may not be transferred to another party after issuance.
(‘88 Code, Ch. 4, § 3.13)  (Ord. 338, passed 3-24-92; Am. Ord. 04- 007, passed 5-11-04; Am. Ord. O-2005-007, passed 10-25-05; Am. Ord. O-2011-006, passed 4-12-11; Am. Ord. O-2019-012, passed 3-26-19)