(A)   Wherever any condition which violates the provisions set out in this subchapter is found to exist on any premises within the city or is being created, the city, in addition to and without regard to any punishment by fine, may notify the owner of such premises, in writing, to correct, remedy or remove the condition within ten days after such notice.  Such notice shall be served personally on the owner to whom it is directed or shall be given by letter addressed to such owner at his or her last known post office address.
   (B)   If such owner’s address is unknown, such notice shall be given by:
      (1)   Publication as many as two times within ten consecutive days in a newspaper in general circulation within the city; or
      (2)   Posting the notice on or near the front door of each building on the property to which the violation relates or by posting the notice on a placard attached to a stake driven into the ground on the property if the property contains no buildings.
   (C)   In the notice of violation, the city may inform the owner by certified mail, return receipt requested, that if the owner commits another violation of the same kind or nature that poses a danger to the public health and safety on or before the first anniversary of the date of the initial notice, the city without further notice may either correct the violation at the owner’s expense and assess the expense against the property, or file a formal complaint with the Municipal Court.  If a violation covered by a notice under this division occurs within the one-year period, and the city has not been informed in writing by the owner or an ownership change, then the city without notice may take any action permitted by § 91.21 and assess its expenses as provided in § 91.21.
(‘89 Code, Ch. 6, § 1.07)  (Ord. 245, passed 10-13-87; Am. Ord. 344, passed 6-23-92; Am. Ord. 99-003, passed 2-9-99)
Statutory reference:
   Notice requirements, see Tex. Health and Safety Code § 342.006