General Provisions
   92.01   City Health Authority
Unsanitary or Unsightly Conditions
   92.15   Maintenance of property in dangerous or unsightly condition
   92.16   Stagnant water prohibited; outdoor privies, cesspools and open drainage restricted
   92.17   Accumulations of carrion, filth or unwholesome matter prohibited
   92.18   Dumping of refuse, garbage, and the like on any property prohibited; burning restricted
   92.19   Leaving or depositing building materials prohibited; dumpster required for construction sites; owners or contractors required to keep construction sites clear of litter
   92.20   Notice to property owner to remedy or remove condition
   92.21   Abatement by city; lien against property; foreclosure
Weed Control
   92.35   Statement of policy
   92.36   Definition
   92.37   Growth to certain height prohibited; offenses
   92.38   Duty to prevent weeds or grass from becoming a nuisance or fire hazard
   92.39   Failure to comply
   92.40   Removal of weeds by city
   92.99   Penalty
   Food and food service establishments, see Chapter 93
   Nuisances, see Chapter 94
Statutory reference:
   Authority to make regulations for the promotion of health or the suppression of disease, see Tex. Health and Safety Code §§ 121.003 and 122.006
   Authority to regulate and enforce air pollution standards, see Tex. Health and Safety Code  §§ 382.111 et seq.
   Health control in cities, see Tex. Health and Safety Code §§ 342.001 et seq.
   Minimum standards of sanitation and health protection, see Tex. Health and Safety Code §§ 341.001 et seq.