The Director of the Water and Wastewater Department shall, subject to the direction, supervision and oversight of the City Manager and within the funds appropriated, budgeted and available for such purposes:
   (A)   Coordinate with the City Manager, the City Engineer, and the City Council the planning, development, construction, enlargement, improvement , and operation of a sanitary sewer, wastewater disposal, and water treatment system, pursuant to plans approved by the City Council;
   (B)   Maintain the buildings, grounds and equipment of the Water and Wastewater system;
   (C)   Provide the day-to-day operations and management of the Water and Wastewater System;
   (D)   Enforce the rules and regulations adopted by the City Council and the state and federal rules and regulations applicable to the water and wastewater system;
   (E)   In consultation with the City Council, suspend or restrict any water or wastewater operations whenever he or she believes such action to be necessary and appropriate for the public health, safety and welfare;
   (F)   Facilitate communications and serve as a liaison between the state and federal regulatory agencies and the City Council;
   (G)   Assure that water is being treated properly and that all health department rules and regulations are followed to the best of his or her ability, including sending in required number of water samples;
   (H)   Keep the pump house and grounds clean and in good shape at all times;
   (I)   Supervise the installation, maintenance and reading of water meters to ensure proper functioning and readings;
   (J)   Ensure the grounds and equipment of the water and wastewater treatment plant are clean and in good working order keeping a supply of all necessary chemicals kept in stock at all times;
   (K)   Ensure that all tests are made and reported to the proper authorities;
   (L)   Supervise the installation and maintenance of sewer taps ensuring that wastewater is properly chlorinated;
   (M)   Supervise the employees of the Water and Wastewater Department and ensure that all inspection stickers and employees' licenses are kept current, not permit any employee to work when job qualifications are lacking, and remove employees from job sites who are not qualified to perform the work required;
   (N)   Be responsible for assuring that all facets of the Department are run in a business like manner with offices kept clean and neat and working such hours as necessary to properly maintain the operations of the Water and Wastewater system;
   (O)   Regularly check with the City Treasurer to ensure all water is being billed and paid for and to respond to all questions regarding the meter readings;
   (P)   Perform other duties and responsibilities as directed by the City Manager;
   (Q)   Keep the City Council informed of important changes, activities or other circumstances; and
   (R)   In consultation with the City Manager, the City Engineer, and the City Council, recommend plans, specifications, grants, financing, and operating manuals for the design, installation, operation, and management of the Water and Wastewater System.
(Ord. O-2006-007, passed, 6-13-06)