(A)   The payment of a non-refundable fee of $50 is required for the completion of an application and the issuance of a permit as provided by § 118.02(B).
   (B)   The service fee for each false alarm notification exceeding five in a 12-month period shall be  $50 each on all false alarms as provided by § 118.03(A).
   (C)   An increased service fee shall be assessed for all false alarm notifications over the next 12-month period of $100 each as provided in § 118.03(B)(2).
   (D)   Upon suspension of the security and/or fire alarm system permit, a reinstatement service fee of $100 shall be paid to the city by the permit holder prior to reinstatement.
(Ord. O-2009-020, passed 8-11-09)
Cross-reference: — § 118.02