A.   Suspension Of Permits:
      1.   Temporary Suspension: Permits issued under the provisions of this chapter may be suspended temporarily by the department for failure of the holder to comply with the requirements of this chapter.
      2.   Notice Of Suspension: Whenever a permit holder or operator has failed to comply with any notice issued under the provisions of this chapter, the operator must be notified in writing that the permit is, upon service of this notice, immediately suspended. The notice must also contain a statement informing the permit holder or operator that an opportunity for a hearing will be provided if a written request for a hearing is filed with the department within the time specified by law.
      3.   Reinstatement Of Permit: Any person whose permit has been suspended may, at any time, make application for reinstatement of the permit. Within ten (10) days following receipt of a written request, including a statement signed by the applicant that in his opinion the conditions causing the suspension have been corrected, and the submission of the appropriate reinspection fees, the department shall reinspect the body art establishment or evaluate documentation provided by an operator. If the applicant is in compliance with the provisions of this chapter, the permit will be reinstated.
   B.   Revocation Of Permits:
      1.   For repeated or serious (any infraction of this chapter that threatens the health of the client or operator) violations of any of the requirements of this chapter or for interference with department personnel in the performance of their duties, a permit may be permanently revoked after a hearing. Before taking such action, the department shall notify the permit holder or operator in writing, stating the reasons for which the permit is subject to revocation, and advising the permit holder or operator of the requirements for filing a request for a hearing. A permit may be suspended for cause, pending its revocation or hearing relative thereto.
      2.   The department may permanently revoke a permit after five (5) days following service of the notice, unless a request for a hearing is filed within the five (5) day period with the department by the permit holder.
   C.   Hearings And Decisions: The hearings provided for in this section must be conducted by the department at a time and place designated by the department. Based upon the record of the hearing, the department shall make a finding and may sustain, modify, or rescind any official notice or order considered in the hearing. A written report of the hearing decision must be furnished to the permit holder or operator by the department. (Ord. 99-060, 10-12-1999)