A.   Record Of Procedures: The body art establishment shall keep a record of all body art procedures performed. The record shall include the client's name, date of birth, client's address, date of the procedure, type and location of each procedure performed, name of the technician who performed each procedure, signature of client, and, if the client is a minor, proof of parental or guardian presence and written consent. Signed copies of the client release form and aftercare forms shall also be maintained by the establishment. All records shall be available for inspection by the department, upon request.
   B.   Medical Information Confidential: Records containing a client's personal medical information shall be considered confidential by the establishment. The department shall keep personal medical information confidential, to the extent disclosure is not required under Illinois Statutes, in the administration and enforcement of this chapter. (Ord. 99-060, 10-12-1999)
   C.   Period Of Record Retention: All records required by this chapter shall be retained by the establishment for a minimum of five (5) years. (Ord. 2016-008, 10-11-2016)