A.   When performing body art procedures, the technician shall maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness, conform to hygienic practices, wear clean clothes, and his or her skin shall be free of rash or infection. (Ord. 99-060, 10-12-1999)
   B.   Before performing a body art procedure, the immediate skin and surrounding skin area where the body art procedure is to be applied shall be washed with soap and water or an approved surgical skin preparation, depending on the type of body art to be performed. If shaving is necessary, a single-use disposable razor shall be used, then discarded into an approved sharps container. After shaving, the skin and surrounding area shall be washed with soap and water, and the washing pad shall be discarded.
   C.   Immediately before performing body art procedures on an individual, the technician shall thoroughly wash his or her hands in hot running water with use of liquid soap, then rinse hands and dry with disposable paper towels. This shall be done as many times as necessary to remove contaminants. After hand washing is completed, the technician shall don disposable medical gloves. Both latex and nonlatex gloves shall be available in the facility at all times in case a technician or a client is sensitive to latex. (Ord. 03-018, 11-13-2003)
   D.   The technician shall wear disposable medical gloves during all procedures. Gloves shall be discarded after the completion of each procedure on an individual client, and hands washed prior to donning the next set of gloves. Under no circumstances shall a single pair of gloves be used on more than one (1) person. The use of disposable medical gloves does not preclude or substitute for the hand washing procedures described herein. Hands shall also be washed at the conclusion of all procedures.
   E.   If, prior to or while performing a body art procedure, the technician's glove or gloves are pierced or torn or become contaminated by contact with any nonclean surface or object, by contact with a third person, or otherwise, the technician shall immediately discard the gloves, repeat the hand washing procedure, and put on a fresh pair of gloves to complete the procedure.
   F.   Any instrument used for body art, which is contaminated during the procedure, shall be discarded and replaced immediately with a new disposable or sterilized instrument before the procedure resumes. (Ord. 99-060, 10-12-1999)