A.   Prior to performing any body art procedure, in order to properly evaluate the client's medical condition for receiving a body art procedure, the technician shall specifically request from the client, verbally and in writing, the following information:
      1.   History of diabetes;
      2.   History of hemophilia (bleeding);
      3.   History of skin diseases, skin lesions or skin sensitivities to soaps, disinfectants, etc.;
      4.   History of allergies or adverse reactions to pigments, dyes, or other skin sensitivities;
      5.   History of epilepsy, seizures, fainting or narcolepsy;
      6.   Current or recent medications, such as anticoagulants, which thin the blood or interfere with blood clotting; and
      7.   Any other information that would aid in evaluating the client's body art healing expectations.
   B.   Prior to performing any body art procedure, the technician shall obtain a release form signed by the client confirming that the technician obtained or attempted to obtain the medical history, and listing the information provided.
   C.   The technician may refuse to perform a body art procedure if the client refuses to disclose the information requested. (Ord. 99-060, 10-12-1999)