A.   Permit Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to perform body art procedures without first obtaining a body art technician permit as provided herein.
   B.   Application For Permit: Every applicant for a body art technician permit shall submit an application to the department providing:
      1.   Name;
      2.   Date of birth;
      3.   Gender;
      4.   Residence address;
      5.   Mailing address;
      6.   Home/work phone numbers;
      7.   Photograph;
      8.   Place(s) of employment as a technician; and
      9.   Training and experience in body art procedures. (Ord. 99-060, 10-12-1999)
   C.   Qualifications Of Applicant:
      1.   Applicants must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.
      2.   Applicants must meet all the requirements of Illinois Administrative Code title 77, chapter 1, subchapter m, part 797, section 1300. (Ord. 2016-008, 10-11-2016)
   D.   Issuance Of Permit: Upon determination that the applicant meets the minimum requirements set forth herein, the department shall issue a body art technician permit to the applicant.
   E.   Display Of Permit: The technician's permit shall be displayed within his or her procedure area in a prominent and conspicuous place where it may be readily observed by clients of the technician. (Ord. 99-060, 10-12-1999; amd. Ord. 2016-008, 10-11-2016)
   F.   Expiration Of Permit: The technician's permit will expire on December 31 of each year and must be renewed before this date annually. Renewal notices will be mailed by December 1 of each year. (Ord. 2016-008, 10-11-2016)