A.   Creation Of Teams: The county board chairman or the coordinator may cause to be created various volunteer teams or units to aid and to reinforce the county emergency services and disaster agency in areas stricken by disaster. Volunteer teams may be created and permanently maintained in preparation for response to potential disaster situations.
   B.   Mutual Aid: Organizations not expressly created by or for emergency management purposes may, by mutual agreement, provide volunteer services to the emergency services and disaster agency.
   C.   Powers, Duties And Immunities: County employees assigned emergency management duties during disasters or preparations for disasters shall have the powers, duties, rights, privileges and immunities and receive the compensation incidental to their employment.
   D.   Compensation:
      1.   If the volunteer is assigned emergency management duties, expenses relative to the assignment may be provided if funds for that purpose are available. (Ord., 1-10-1995)
      2.   Volunteers participating in events funded by the Illinois EMA, division of nuclear safety, may be compensated at the rate of ten dollars ($10.00) per hour while in compliance with the rules and regulations of the compensation program of the Illinois nuclear safety preparedness act (INSPA), 420 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/1 et seq.; provided, that funds are available through that program. (Ord., 1-10-1995; amd. 2004 Code)
   E.   Dissolution Of Teams: The coordinator shall have the authority to dissolve any or all volunteer teams or units thereof if such dissolution would be in the best interest of the emergency management programs of the county. (Ord., 1-10-1995)