In addition to other applicable provisions of this Zoning Ordinance, the following standards for arrangement and development of land and buildings are required in the Planned Industrial Park District.
   (a)   Minimum Size of Development: A PIP District Development shall require a minimum tract of land twenty-five (25) acres or more in area. The twenty-five (25) acre requirement may be reduced if the use of the total area is set forth in the application, including:
      (1)   The type of firm or firms;
      (2)   A site plan for the development of each lot, including the placement of structures, storage area, parking areas, yard space, and other activities.
   (b)   Intensity of Use:
      (1)   A use allowed in this District shall entirely enclose its primary operation within a structure;
      (2)   Open storage and service areas and loading docks shall be screened by walls or fences at least six (6) feet but not more than twelve (12) feet in height. These walls or fences shall have an opaqueness of seventy-five percent (75%) or more, so as to effectively conceal production, storage, service, and loading operations from adjoining streets and from a Residential Zoning District or another Planned Development District as listed in Chapter 1151: Establishment of Zoning Districts.
   (c)   Lot Width: No minimum lot width is required. However, all lots shall abut a public street or otherwise provide access to such public street by means of roadway easement.
   (d)   Side Yards: For main and accessory structures, including open storage, service, and loading areas, the required side yards shall equal the height of the structure when adjacent to a residential district and one-half (1/2) height of the structure when adjacent to any non-residential district, but in no case shall be less than fifty (50) feet from any Residential Zoning District or Planned Residential District.
   (e)   Improvements Required: The following improvements shall be required:
      (1)   Street improvements within or adjacent to the tract in accordance with the requirements of the Subdivision Regulations for the Municipality of Groveport, Ohio;
      (2)   Water and sewer facility improvements in accordance with the requirements of the Subdivision Regulations for the Municipality of Groveport, Ohio;
      (3)   An easement twenty-five (25) feet or more in width shall be provided around the entire tract and shall be landscaped in accordance with an approved Landscape Plan;
         A.   Such plan shall provide plantings which will achieve a height of ten (10) feet or more and an opaqueness of at least seventy-five percent (75%) within five years of normal growth;
         B.   This easement, when adjacent to a street right-of-way eighty (80) feet or more in width, or other industrial zoning district, may be reduced to fifteen (15) feet, a twenty-five percent (25%) opaqueness, and two (2) feet in height;
   (f)   Plat and Landscape Required: The Subdivision Plat shall be developed and recorded in accordance with the Subdivision Regulations for the Municipality of Groveport, Ohio. Landscaping shall be accomplished in accordance with the approved Landscape Plan in conjunction with development of adjacent lots in the Industrial Park.
      (Ord. 19-011. Passed 4-22-19.)
Exceptional Use District (EU)
1163.01   Special use.
1163.02   Procedures.
1163.03   Development standards.