(a)   The Select Commercial Planned District (SCPD) is intended to provide an innovative approach to commercial developments. In some cases, the standard commercial and industrial zoning districts do not provide sufficient flexibility to allow a beneficial mixture of related commercial, industrial, and open space land uses. In addition, the standard commercial and industrial zoning districts do not in all cases permit a creative use of land and related physical development in areas where an orderly transition of land uses from residential to nonresidential activities is appropriate. An example would be undeveloped land in a primarily residential area adjacent to an existing or planned major highway. Continued residential development may not be appropriate. However, nonresidential development of a specified type, character, and mix may be suitable with proper controls.
   (b)   The SCPD is intended to provide an applicant for a zoning map amendment and the Municipality of Groveport with the controls necessary to ensure compatibility and integration of the select commercial area with the surrounding environment. Performance criteria are included in the SCPD in order to promote the development of an overall design concept designed to be compatible with the surrounding environment.
   (c)   The requirements for an overall design plan and the selection of specific commercial uses to be applied to an individual application are intended to ensure that the plan can be evaluated on its merits for compatibility with existing conditions and the surrounding environment. This procedure is designed to protect the character of both substantially developed and developing areas as appropriate. (Ord. 19-011. Passed 4-22-19.)