The Rural District is intended for areas where agricultural uses are appropriate and where conservation of the land is important. It is also intended as a holding zone for newly annexed areas. The Rural District regulations attempt to protect agricultural and open land from the intrusion and premature development of uses which are not compatible with agricultural activities or which are not in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan. However, as growth and development occurs it is likely that land within the Rural Zoning District will be subject to requests for amendment to other zoning categories. In order to protect the integrity of the vicinities in which changes are proposed and ensure equitable application of zoning standards, amendments should be comprehensive in scope, should include all land similarly situated and subject to the same conditions, and should be related to the capability of the Municipality to service the proposed development densities. The principal use of land is for agricultural and farm dwellings, although other uses, such as rural residences, religious and educational facilities may be permitted subject to meeting special development standards and/or conditional land suitability requirements.
(Ord. 19-011. Passed 4-22-19.)