The Planned Development Regulations set forth in this chapter shall be interpreted and enforced according to the following rules.
   (a)   Identification of Uses: Listed uses are to be defined by their customary name or identification, except where they are specifically defined or limited in this Zoning Ordinance.
   (b)   Permitted Uses: Only uses designated as a permitted use shall be allowed as a matter of right in a Planned Development District and any use not so designated shall be prohibited except when in character with the proposed development such additional uses may be approved as a part of the Development Plan.
   (c)   Procedures: The procedures and conditions set forth for the determination of Planned Development Districts and development therein shall be followed except where a written statement by the applicant accompanying the application proposes that any such procedure or condition does not apply in the specific case. Such statement shall accompany the application and is subject to approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
   (d)   Development Standards: The Development Standards set forth shall be the minimum allowed for development in a Planned Development Zoning District.
Exception: In the case that an approved development plan is no longer attached to the ordinance approving the Zoning Amendment for the effected property or the approved development plan cannot be found or is no longer in existence in City records the following shall apply;
      (1)   Within an existing developed planned district: Compliance with the zoning text for the specific planned district and other pertinent zoning regulations will be adequate as compliance for the planned district the property is located in.
      (2)   Within an undeveloped planned district: A development plan shall be submitted as required in Chapter 1135 Planned Development Review and the specific requirements of the approved planned district zoning of the property.
         (Ord. 19-011. Passed 4-22-19.)