(a)   Engineering Plan Review Fees.
(1) Residential Developments:
$350.00/plan sheet
(2) Commercial/Industrial:
0 to 5 acres
$250.00/plan sheet
>5 to 10 acres
$350.00/plan sheet
>10 to 20 acres
$400.00/plan sheet
>20 to 75 ares
$500.00/plan sheet
> 75 acres
$750.00/plan sheet
(3) Offsite Infrastructure:
$350.00/plan sheet
(4) Additional Reviews (> 2 submissions):
30% of initial plan review fee
(5) Storm Water Management Plan Review:
(6) Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Review:
(7) Stormwater facility Operation & Maintenance Plan Review:
$450.00/Plan (includes agreement)
Traffic Impact Study (TIS) Review
Technical Review of Memo of Understanding, prior to Receipt of TIS
   Complex Traffic Impact Studies is classified as any improvement seeking access or an improved access to a street classified as a City arterial or collector. A Non-Complex Traffic Impact Study includes access to all other roads. A development may or may not warrant a traffic impact study and the decision of it will be required will be at the discretion of the City.
(8) Plan Revisions/Changes (after plan approval):
$500.00/revision submission
(9) Meeting with Engineer
(10) Minimum Review Fee
$500 Residential
$1,000 Commercial
   (b)   Engineering Inspection Fees.
      Third Party Testing/Inspections:   Actual Cost
   The Ohio registered professional engineer who is responsible for the project construction drawings shall prepare a certified estimate of the construction cost based on State prevailing wage unit prices. The cost estimate shall be signed, sealed, dated, and shown in tabular format using the pay item number according to the City of Columbus specifications. This estimate shall be submitted to the City Engineer for review and approval. Once approved, this engineer's estimate shall be used to determine the amount of inspection fees that are to be paid by the developer and/or applicant. (Ord. 19-012. Passed 4-22-19.)