911.09 TREE FUND.
   (a)   Upon approval of the final plat, or any new street developed in a subdivision, either commercial or residential by a private developer and dedicated to the City, the owner/developer shall pay the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) per one linear foot of street frontage and linear footage around all island to the City. This sum shall be deposited into the "Tree Fund."
   (b)   This Tree Fund shall be used for the purpose of planting approved species trees in City right-of-way, as well as care, maintenance, removal, and protection of trees and for accessory materials to be utilized in the care of such trees.
   (c)   Said Tree Fund shall be established as a special revenue fund and shall be maintained in accordance with the regulations of the Auditor of State and will be administered solely by the Finance Director.
   (d)   Trees shall be selected from those trees listed on the approved tree list authorized by the City Trees and Decorations Committee.
(Ord. 2021-047. Passed 10-11-21.)