(a)   No person shall remove or prune any tree or shrub from a tree lawn or other public place without first obtaining approval in writing from the Administrator or his/her designee and without replacing the removed tree. Such replacements shall meet the standards of size, species, and placement as provided for in the approval letter. The person shall bear the cost of removal and replacement of all trees removed.
   (b)   Wherever it is necessary to remove a tree(s) from a tree lawn or other public place in connection with the paving or widening of a portion of a street, alley, or highway, or any other reason, the City shall remove and replant such trees, or replace them or plant in an attractive manner on adjoining property an equivalent number of trees. If unable to replant in close proximity to removed tree, the City shall replant an equivalent number of trees elsewhere in the City. (Ord. 2021-047. Passed 10-11-21.)