(a)    No person shall place or knowingly drop upon any part of a sidewalk, playground or other public place any tacks, bottles, wire, glass, nails or other articles which may damage property of another or injure any person or animal traveling along or upon such sidewalk or playground.
   (b)    No person shall walk on, or allow any animal upon, or injure or deface in any way, any soft or newly laid sidewalk pavement.
   (c)    No person shall place, deposit or maintain any merchandise, goods, material or equipment upon any sidewalk so as to obstruct pedestrian traffic thereon except for such reasonable time as may be actually necessary for the delivery or pickup of such articles. In no case shall the obstruction remain on such sidewalk for more than one hour.
   (d)    No person shall unload upon, or transport any heavy merchandise, goods, material or equipment over or across any sidewalk or curb without first placing some sufficient protection over the pavement to protect against damage or injury. The affected area shall be rendered safe and free from danger.
   (e)    No person shall allow any cellar or trap door, coal chute or elevator or lift opening in any sidewalk to remain open without providing suitable safeguards to protect and warn pedestrian traffic of the dangerous condition.
   (f)    No person shall negligently place, deposit, maintain, or use, or cause or permit to be placed, deposited, maintained, or used upon any street, alley, sidewalk, highway or other public grounds any wood, coal, box, barrel, crate, keg, lumber, marks, furniture, merchandise, bench, stand, sign, or advertising of any kind, or any other similar device or obstruction except as otherwise provided, and except items incidental to the sale of newspapers, or other items otherwise authorized by Council, unless for such reasonable time as may be actually necessary for receiving or discharging the same from some store, building or warehouse.
   (g)    No person shall knowingly erect, or cause to be erected or permit to remain standing:
      (1)    Any porch, portico, veranda, stairs, steps, cellar doors, area, or other projection, extending over or upon the sidewalk of any street, alley or public highway in the City, provided that, Council may grant the right to construct areaways under sidewalks upon the condition that they are constructed to the approval of the Building Inspector.
      (2)    Any house, building, wall, fence, or other permanent structure built in such a manner that any part thereof shall stand or project beyond the line of any lot or parcel of ground into any street, alley, sidewalk, highway, or other public ground of the City.
   (h)    No person being the owner of any lot abutting on a street or avenue of the City which is enclosed by a fence shall have the gate at the entrance of such lot from the street or avenue so constructed as to swing inward upon such lot and no gates shall be allowed to swing outward over the street or avenue or the sidewalks unless such gates shall be so constructed and supplied with springs, chain, and weight or other appliances as to automatically close such gates and keep them closed when not in use.
   (i)    No person shall play at a game of ball upon any street or street park in the City.  
   (j)    Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.