§ 119.04 EXCEPTIONS.
   This chapter does not regulate the following:
   (A)   Material with significant literary content or social commentary;
   (B)   A business where sexually oriented materials are sold, bartered, distributed, leased, furnished, or otherwise provided for off-site use or entertainment, if the sexually oriented material on each item is blocked from view by an opaque cover as required under M.S. § 617.293, as it may be amended from time to time, and each item is in an area accessible only by an employee of the business;
   (C)   A person or organization exempted under M.S. § 617.295;
   (D)   Activity regulated under M.S. § 617.202;
   (E)   Displaying works of art showing specified anatomical areas, so long as no sexually oriented materials are for sale, and the business does not have a liquor license; and
   (F)   Movies rated G, PG, PG-13, NC-17 or R.